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Thank you for reaching out! I look forward to speaking with you. In the meantime check out what I'm doing on instagram


Turning your brand into effective visual communication is a need for businesses large & small. Sometimes these needs are all encompassing for a company, while often they are re-working or creating small takeaways for a business. Our main goal is to create visuals that speak

directly to your audience.

We will work together to identify your brand identity and business needs. From there we’ll transform these ideas into fresh physical material and branding packages. Let us help find the most effective solutions for you, while creating something with staying power. Below are but a small sample of the types of project that are possible in print design.

Stemming from a background in corporate & creative marketing, our goal is to create functional tools with longevity to serve and grow over time.
Understanding the process of branding or designing a website can be intimidating and overwhelming, this is where we come in. By identifying your personal or corporate branding we work together to find what tools will increase your success. Whether that involves developing a new style, web design, logo, or print material,
BH Designs is here to guide and create with you.

- Blair Hanemayer -

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