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Web Design

There are many approaches to designing a successful & functional website. For many types of businesses this process often seems like a daunting task or a necessary evil.
We strive to dissolve this stigma & reduce your stress.


Whether you need an online store or an industry specific design, we serve all types of businesses large & small. Each client receives the same attention to detail as we focus on the user experience to best serve your audience. Together we will identify your goals, audience, likes & dislikes, in turn giving you an effective website you can manage yourself. Our goal is to design efficiently so you can cross this necessity off your list & focus on your company doing its best.


Click on the photos below to view these websites.

*Please note these websites have been turned over to the respective client for editing and updates,
which has not been completed by BH Designs.

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Feature your brand & products with an easy shopping experience for consumers. You will enjoy concise backend information to process orders and manage products.


Design that lends its functionality towards small & medium businesses. Helps visitors understand your capabilities in a clean & easily navigated environment. Creating a tool that your team can easily update as you grow.


Self-employed or running a small business?
Taking the time to "do-it-yourself" can take away from your priorities. Let us design or refine your website for you that you can easily manage on your own.

Concept Gallery

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